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Pocket City Free is a strategy and management game where you build the city of your dreams. This game combines the best parts of classics from this genre, like SimCity, but without long wait times, since this version doesn't have any microtransactions.

You'll start building your city from the bottom up. From the very beginning, you can block off residential zones, commercial zones, and industrial zones. You'll have to balance all these zoning types so that your city can thrive as it begins to grow in size. And don't forget to add plumbing and electricity, too, or else no one will want to live there.

In Pocket City Free, not only do you have to place these basic kinds of buildings, but you can also unlock tons of structures to make your citizens happy and improve their quality of life. These options will become available as you level up by completing missions given to you by your citizens.

Pocket City Free is an excellent strategy and management game in all respects. It has several different graphic modes so it can run smoothly on all kinds of smartphones. And the best part is that there isn't a single in-app purchase.
By Erika Okumura

Requires Android 4.1 or higher